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Marcus Adams (1875-1959), Photographer

Sitter in 7 portraits
Artist associated with 106 portraits
Son of the photographer Walton Adams. Travelled around Britain making architectural photographs for the British Archaeological Society and for books by C.E.Keyser. Established a reputation as a leading child photographer. In 1919 he joined up with Bertram Park and his wife Yvonne Gregory to form the 'Three Photographers' maintaining his own style and studio but sharing use of printing, retouching and darkroom staff. In 1926, took first official photographs of the Duchess of York and Princess Elizabeth (future Queen Mother and Queen Elizabeth II) and continued up to 1956 in a sitting with Princess Anne. His son Gilbert Adams assisted in his early years but later established his own highly successful career as a photographer.

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Marcus Adams

by (Arthur) Walton Adams
bromide print, 1916
NPG P140(29)


Marcus Adams; Prince Charles

by Marcus Adams
bromide print, 1953
NPG P140(27)


Marcus Adams

by International Newsreel
vintage bromide print, 1926
NPG x135368


Marcus Adams; Dame Simone Ruth Prendergast (née Laski)

by Marcus Adams
cream-toned bromide print, 1939-1940
NPG x129563


Marcus Adams

by Unknown photographer
bromide print, circa 1940
NPG x35716


Salon Selection Committee

by Lancelot Vining
bromide print, circa 1944
NPG x139962


Group of photographers including Marcus Adams and Angus Basil

by Unknown photographer
bromide print, 1950s
NPG x139963