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Alfred, Count D'Orsay (1801-1852), Amateur artist and man of fashion

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Alfred Guillaume Gabriel, Count D'Orsay was a French amateur artist, dandy, and man of fashion in the early- to mid-nineteenth century. In 1830, D'Osay moved to London, where he worked as a sculptor and a painter, specialising in portraiture. In 1845, he painted a portrait of Wellington. His statuettes of Napoleon and Wellington were very popular, as were engravings of many of his portraits, including those of Queen Victoria, Lord Lyndhurst and Dwarkanath Tagore. More than 125 profile sketches of his contemporaries were published by Mitchell of Bond Street, including among them nearly all the artistic, literary and fashionable celebrities of the time.

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Alfred, Count D'Orsay

by Sir Edwin Henry Landseer
pen and wash, circa 1835
NPG 4922


Alfred, Count D'Orsay

by Sir George Hayter
oil on canvas, 1839
On display in the Ladies Drawing Room at Bodelwyddan Castle
NPG 5061


Alfred, Count D'Orsay

by Richard James Lane
chalk and pencil, 1841
NPG 4540


Alfred, Count D'Orsay

by L.O.
lithograph, early 19th century
NPG D13784


Alfred, Count D'Orsay

by Richard James Lane
lithograph, circa 1825-1850
NPG D22457


Alfred, Count D'Orsay

after Daniel Maclise
pen and ink, (early 1830s)
NPG D34538


Alfred, Count D'Orsay

by Daniel Maclise, published by James Fraser
lithograph, mid 19th century
NPG D7813


An Irish Wake

by John ('HB') Doyle, printed by Alfred Ducôte, published by Thomas McLean
lithograph, published 8 November 1839
NPG D41552


Charles Dickens; Alfred, Count D'Orsay

by Alfred, Count D'Orsay
hand-coloured lithograph, 16 December 1841
NPG D20137


Alfred, Count D'Orsay

by Richard James Lane
lithograph, 1841
NPG D22375