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John Field (1771-1841)

Artist of 3 portraits
John Field was one of the most famous of silhouette artists. He began his career as an assistant to John Miers the most successful profilist of the eighteenth century. By 1794 he was responsible for most of the profiles painted at Miers' London studio. In 1830 the Miers and Field partnership was dissolved and Field worked at the same address as his son, also a profile painter, Henry William Field. Field not only produced silhouettes but filled sketchbooks with landscape drawings and painted landscapes, some of which were unusually on the same plaster surface on which he painted silhouettes. He exhibited extensively at the Royal Academy, both silhouettes and landscapes.

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William Magee

by John Field
silhouette, 1800s or 1810s
NPG 5213


George Onslow, 1st Earl of Onslow

by John Field
silhouette, circa 1800-1810
NPG 5212


Jeremy Bentham

by John Field
plaster, the profile in flat brown paint with highlights in gold powder, circa 1823
NPG 3068