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Eric Kennington (1888-1960), Sculptor and artist

Eric Henri Kennington

Sitter in 13 portraits
Artist of 6 portraits
Eric Henri Kennington was a painter and sculptor. Throughout his employment as an Official War Artist in 1917-18, and again in 1940-42, he produced a large number of idealised pastel portraits that concentrated on the ordinary serviceman. Although perhaps best known for his lively illustrations for T. E. Lawrence's Seven Pillars of Wisdom (1926), sculpture began to assume considerable importance. The war memorials to the 24th Division (1924) in Battersea Park, London, and the Allied Forces in Soissons (1928), France, established his position as a direct carver working on a monumental scale. For the remainder of his career, however, he worked in isolation, producing reliefs for schools, colleges and churches.