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Fred Roe (1864-1947), Artist

Sitter in 2 portraits
Artist of 224 portraits
A genre painter and illustrator, Fred Roe studied at Heatherley's School of Art and with J. Seymour Lucas. He first exhibited his art at the prestigious Royal Academy in 1877, and was elected to the RBA in 1895 and to the Royal Institute of British Painters in 1909. During his career, Roe was best known for his large historical compositions set in period costumes. He later became a leading expert and collector of antique furniture and was the author of a reference book, A History of Oak Furniture (1920).

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King Edward VII

by Fred Roe
pencil, 1905-1906
NPG 4367


Rupert Stevens

by Fred Roe
pen, circa 1886
NPG D43066


James Frank Sullivan ('Jassef')

by Fred Roe
pencil, 1900-1936
NPG D43103


Tourists at Tivoli, Rome

by Fred Roe
pencil, 7 May 1900
NPG D43106


Thomas Blinks ('Tommy Blinks')

by Fred Roe
pencil, 1900-1912
NPG D43108


Edward Bundy on Varnishing Day

by Fred Roe
pencil, 1900-1920
NPG D43138


Janowski Oppolopovitch

by Fred Roe
pencil, 1900-1947
NPG D43230


Waggon and horses

by Fred Roe
pencil, 1900-1920
NPG D43258