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William Papas ('Papas') (1927-2000)

Artist of 4 portraits
Grew up in South Africa, and studied at Johannesburg Art School. Moved to England in 1946 and studied at St Martin's School of Art in London. He spent two years travelling round Europe, sketching, before returning to South Africa and working as a staff artist and reporter on the Cape Times. In 1959, Papas moved to England and joined the Guardian. He worked at first as an illustrator and deputy to political cartoonist David Low. In 1961, he began contributing cartoons to the Sunday Times. Papas succeeded Low as political cartoonist on the Guardian in 1963. He left and moved to Greece in 1970, where he remained for thirteen years, after which he settled in Oregon, USA.

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(Alfred) Ernest Marples, 1st Baron Marples; Richard Beeching, 1st Baron Beeching

by William Papas ('Papas')
pen and ink and blue crayon, published in the Guardian 24 September 1962
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'So what if we lose a few shopkeepers votes' he said

by William Papas ('Papas')
pen and ink and blue crayon, 1964
NPG 5360