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Thomas Jefferson (1743-1826), President of the United States; signer of the Declaration of Independence

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Third president of the United States (1801-9) and founder of the Democratic Republican Party. Jefferson published A Summary View of the Rights of America(1774) and as a member of the Continental Congresses of 1775-6 was largely responsible for the drafting of the Declaration of Independence. Prior to the presidency he was ambassador to Paris from 1785-9 and an advocate of the French Revolution in its early stages.

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Thomas Jefferson

probably by William Holl Sr, after Bouch
stipple engraving, 19th century
NPG D13763


The Declaration of Independence of the United States of America, July 4th 1776

by Asher Brown Durand, after John Trumbull
line engraving, published 1820 (1786-1797)
NPG D1357