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Antony Beauchamp (1918-1957), Photographer; second husband of Sarah Churchill

Sitter in 6 portraits
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Antony Roger's first celebrity sitter was Vivien Leigh also at the beginning of her career. Changing his name to Antony Beauchamp he opened his first London photographic studio in 1939. His mother also established herself as a society photographer named Vivienne. Following the Second World War Beauchamp re-established his studio and became renowned for photographing actresses including a young Audrey Hepburn. In 1949 Beauchamp married the actress Sarah Churchill, daughter of Sir Winston Churchill, and moved to Los Angeles. His autobiography Focus on Fame (1958) was published posthumously following his suicide in 1957.

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Dolores Gray

by Antony Beauchamp
vintage bromide print, 1950
NPG x136491


Anita Ekberg

by Antony Beauchamp
glossy bromide print, 1950s
NPG x126697


Marilyn Monroe

by Antony Beauchamp
glossy bromide print, 1951
NPG x126696


Valerie Hobson; John Profumo

possibly by Antony Beauchamp
cream-toned vintage bromide print, circa 1956
NPG x135691


Vivien Leigh

by Antony Beauchamp
postcard print, 1937
NPG x137985


Vivien Leigh

by Antony Beauchamp
photogravure reproduction tear sheet, published 24 December 1947
NPG x137968

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