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May Yohé (1866 or 1869-1938), Actress and singer; former wife of 8th Duke of Newcastle-under-Lyne, former wife of Putnam Bradlee Strong, and later wife of John Addey Smuts

Mary Augusta ('May') Yohé

Sitter in 8 portraits

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May Yohé

published by Rotary Photographic Co Ltd
matte bromide postcard print, 1890s
NPG Ax160350


May Yohé as Little Christopher Columbus

by Richard Emerson Ruddock
albumen cabinet card, circa 1893
NPG x135956


May Yohé

by Alfred Ellis, published by Eglington & Co
carbon print, published January 1894
NPG x135883


May Yohé

by Alfred Ellis
woodburytype, published January 1894
NPG x27561


May Yohé as Dick Whittington in 'Dandy Dick Whittington'

by Alfred Ellis
albumen cabinet card, 1895
NPG x135955


May Yohé

by Alfred Ellis
woodburytype, published 1 November 1895
NPG x27562