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George Egerton (Mary Chavelita Dunne) (1859-1945), Writer

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Born in Australia, Mary Dunne moved with her family to Dublin when she was eleven. In 1887 she eloped to Norway with Henry Peter Higginson, where she was much influenced by writers such as Ibsen and Strindberg. There the writer Knut Pedersen encouraged Dunne to write subjectively about female experiences. Back in London Dunne wrote Keynotes (1893) for which Aubrey Beardsley drew the cover. This first major success was followed by four more volumes of short stories written as George Egerton. Influenced by Scandinavian realism, Dunne became associated with 'new woman' fiction and women's rights.

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George Egerton (Mary Chavelita Dunne)

by Walter Benington, for Elliott & Fry
chlorobromide print, 1930s
NPG x94119


George Egerton (Mary Chavelita Dunne)

by Elliott & Fry
half-plate glass negative
NPG x99982