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John ('Jack') Broughton (circa 1703-1789), Boxer

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Broughton was a heavyweight boxing champion. He had a lasting influence on boxing, helping to turn it into a formal sport by codifying the first set of boxing rules and inventing 'mufflers', the forerunners of modern boxing gloves. Originally a waterman on the River Thames, Broughton fought semi-professionally throughout the 1730s. Broughton became England's third champion heavyweight boxer after beating George Taylor in 1734, and he held this title until 1750. From 1742 until his death, Broughton operated his own boxing arena in Hanway Street, London. The rules of boxing that he established remained in effect until 1838, when they were superseded by the London Prize Ring Rules.

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John ('Jack') Broughton

by William Hogarth
oil on canvas, circa 1730
On display in Room 10 at the National Portrait Gallery
NPG L243


John ('Jack') Broughton

by George Townshend, 4th Viscount and 1st Marquess Townshend
pen and ink, 1751-1758
NPG 4855(29)


John ('Jack') Broughton

by John Faber Jr, after John Ellys
mezzotint, circa 1725-1750
NPG D18994


John ('Jack') Broughton

by John Faber Jr, after John Ellys
mezzotint, mid 18th century
NPG D828


John ('Jack') Broughton

by F. Ross, published by W & G Smith, probably after William Hogarth
lithograph, 1842
NPG D31640