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Charlie Chaplin (1889-1977), Film actor and director

Sir Charles ('Charlie') Chaplin

Sitter in 11 portraits
Comic genius of the early cinema; Charlie Chaplin dubbed the world's greatest clown, began his career in London's music halls. Celebrity came with his portrayal in film of the little tramp, with bowler hat and cane, in a series of films from1910 to the 1920s. Films featuring his tramp character such as The Kid (1920), The Gold Rush (1925) and Modern Times (1936) became worldwide classics; later films included The Great Dictator (1940) and Limelight (1952) for which he also wrote the scripts and music.

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Charlie Chaplin

by Strauss-Peyton Studio
bromide print, 1921
On display in Room 31 at the National Portrait Gallery
NPG P283


Charlie Chaplin

by Robert Stewart Sherriffs
ink, circa 1928-1936
NPG 5224(9)


Charlie Chaplin

by Homer Peyton
bromide print, circa 1929
NPG P281


Charlie Chaplin with his family

probably by Brodrick Haldane
bromide print, 1950s
NPG x34818


Charlie Chaplin with his family

by Unknown photographer
bromide print, 1950s
NPG x34819


Charlie Chaplin; Grock ((Charles) Adrien Wettach)

by Unknown photographer
bromide print, 1953
NPG x30413


Charlie Chaplin; Oona Chaplin (née O'Neill)

by Francis Goodman
2 1/4 inch square film negative, 1954
NPG x195068


Charlie Chaplin

by Alick P.F. Ritchie, issued by John Player & Sons
colour relief halftone, 1926
On display in Room 37 at the National Portrait Gallery
NPG D2662


Charlie Chaplin

by Unknown artist, issued by Godfrey Phillips
colour photolithographic halftone, 1932
NPG D2694


Charlie Chaplin

by Douglas Kirkland
bromide print, 1966
NPG P282


Charlie Chaplin on-set for 'The Pilgrim'

by James Abbe
vintage bromide print, 1922
NPG x138888