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Jacob Epstein (1880-1959), Sculptor

Sir Jacob Epstein

Sitter in 67 portraits
Artist of 14 portraits
The leading modernist sculptor of his day, Epstein was born in New York to Polish-Jewish parents, studying in Paris before moving to London in 1905. He quickly gained a reputation as a brilliant sculptor, however his bold work courted controversy, and may have cost him an appointment as war artist and a professorship at the RCA. In spite of criticism, he regularly and successfully exhibited life-size bronzes and portraits at the Leicester Galleries. Works include The Rock Drill (1913-14), the essence of Vorticist style and a great influence on his contemporaries, and Oscar Wilde's tomb in Père Lachaise cemetery in Paris. Knighted in 1954, Epstein completed numerous large commissions and portraits in his last decade.

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Jacob Epstein

by Augustus Edwin John
chalk, circa 1900
NPG 4119


Jacob Epstein

by Sir Jacob Epstein
bronze head, 1912
NPG 4126


Jacob Epstein

by Powys Evans
pen and ink, published 1925
NPG 4397


Jacob Epstein

by Yousuf Karsh
bromide print, 1955
NPG P490(28)


Jacob Epstein

by Barratt's Photo Press Ltd
bromide print, 1900s
NPG x21741


Jacob Epstein

by Emil Otto ('E.O.') Hoppé
modern print on sepia-toned Veribrom paper, 1911
NPG x132916


Jacob Epstein

by Alvin Langdon Coburn, published by Duckworth & Co
collotype, 24 January 1914
NPG Ax7820


Jacob Epstein

by George Charles Beresford
sepia-toned platinotype, 1 November 1916
NPG x6395


Jacob Epstein

by Central Press
bromide print, 1917
NPG x36037


Jacob Epstein

by George Charles Beresford
bromide print, 11 July 1921
NPG x27889


Jacob Epstein

by George Charles Beresford
vintage print, 1924
NPG x6396


Jacob Epstein

by Unknown photographer
bromide print, 1925
NPG x194087


Jacob Epstein with 'Primeval Gods'

by James Jarché, for Daily Herald
modern bromide print from original negative, 25 April 1933
NPG x88293


Jacob Epstein

by Howard Coster
chlorobromide print, 1940
NPG x2381


Jacob Epstein

by Geoffrey Ireland
bromide print, 1950s
NPG x21742


Jacob Epstein

by Geoffrey Ireland
semi-matte bromide print on card mount, 1950s
NPG x32725


Jacob Epstein

by Geoffrey Ireland
vintage gelatin silver print, 1950s
NPG x8495