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John Evelyn (1620-1706), Diarist and virtuoso

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Evelyn's varied life and wide range of interests are reflected in his writings, on subjects as diverse as forestry, engraving, numismatics, air pollution and refrigeration. He was a founder member of the Royal Society. He is best known, however, for his Diary, which provides a detailed record of and commentary on his times.

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John Evelyn

by Hendrick van der Borcht the Younger
oil on canvas, 1641
NPG L148


John Evelyn

by Robert Walker
oil on canvas, 1648
NPG 6179


John Evelyn

by Robert Nanteuil
engraving, 1650
NPG 3258


John Evelyn

by Robert Nanteuil
engraving, 1650
NPG D21269


John Evelyn

after Robert Nanteuil
line engraving, mid 18th century
NPG D30350


John Evelyn

by James Tookey, after Robert Nanteuil
line engraving, late 18th to early 19th century
NPG D30352


John Evelyn

by Francesco Bartolozzi
line engraving, published 1776
NPG D13884


John Evelyn

by William Holl Sr, or by William Holl Jr
stipple engraving, early 19th century
NPG D30351


'Philosophers of the last Century' (John Mayow; John Evelyn)

by James Caldwall, published by Robert John Thornton
line engraving and etching, published 20 December 1800
NPG D34358


John Evelyn

by Thomas Bragg, after Sir Godfrey Kneller, Bt
line engraving, published 1818
NPG D2317


John Evelyn

by Unknown artist
wax seal impression
NPG D7034


John Evelyn

by Robert Nanteuil
engraving, 1650
NPG D20216


John Evelyn

by Thomas Worlidge, after Robert Nanteuil
etching, published 1755
NPG D18840