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Sir Lawrence Gowing (1918-1991), Painter and art historian

Sitter in 5 portraits
Artist of 3 portraits
Artist and art historian; son of a London draper. In 1936 Gowing became the pupil of the painter William Coldstream, founder of the influential Euston Road School, and in the same year, sold a self-portrait to Kenneth Clark, then director of the National Gallery. In 1952 he established his reputation as an art historian with his book on the Dutch artist Vermeer. Gowing became the keeper of British Collections and Deputy Director of the Tate Gallery in 1965, where he organised several major exhibitions, whilst continuing to paint. He made the television series Three Painters in the 1980s.

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Dame Cicely Veronica Wedgwood

by Sir Lawrence Gowing
oil on canvas, 1944
On display at British Academy, London
NPG 6405


Alexander Fleck, Baron Fleck

by Sir Lawrence Gowing
oil on canvas, 1957
NPG 4662


Sir Isaiah Berlin

by Sir Lawrence Gowing
oil on canvas, 1982
NPG 5523