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Sir John Harington (baptised 1560-1612), Wit and writer; translator of 'Orlando Furioso'

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Described by Elizabeth I as 'that saucy poet, my godson', Harington is known particularly for his translation of Ariosto's Orlando Furioso (1591), written at the command of the Queen. Among his other publications were a number of satirical works, including The Metamorphosis of Ajax (1596), on the subject of water closets. A disparaging remark about the late Earl of Leicester in the latter text led to Harington's banishment from court.

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Sir John Harington

by Unknown artist
oil on panel, circa 1590-1595
NPG 3121


Sir John Harington

after Thomas Cockson (Coxon)
line engraving, (1591)
NPG D31630


Sir John Harington

by Thomas Cockson (Coxon)
line engraving, 1591
NPG D25492


Sir John Harington

after Unknown artist
line engraving, early 17th century
NPG D25496


Sir John Harington

printed by G. Miller, after Unknown artist
line engraving, published 1634 (1 August 1591)
NPG D31631


Sir John Harington

published by William Richardson
line engraving, published 1796
NPG D25495


Sir John Harington

by John Swaine
line engraving, possibly early 19th century
NPG D25493


Henry, Prince of Wales; Sir John Harington

by R. Clamp, published by Edward Evans, after Silvester Harding, after Robert Peake the Elder
stipple engraving, published 1796 (1603)
NPG D19732


Sir John Harington

by William Henry Worthington, published by W. Walker, after John Thurston, after a painting attributed to Hieronimo Custodis
line engraving, published 1 January 1822
NPG D14663