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John Henning (1771-1851), Sculptor

Sitter in 19 portraits
Artist of 7 portraits
John Henning trained under his father as a builder before turning to wax portraiture. In 1803, after coming to London where he saw the Elgin Marbles, he turned to sculpture. Over more than a decade he carved a copy of the frieze, and sold copies of this in plaster at reduced size. He also continued to produce wax portraits, and some small portraits for reproduction in Wedgwood, and later on, made copies in plaster after the Raphael Cartoons at South Kensington, which were much admired. Henning exhibited at the Royal Academy in the 1820s, and at varying periods at the British Institution, and the Royal Scottish Academy. He was a founder member of the Society of British Artists.

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Francis Horner

by John Henning
pencil and chalk, circa 1802
NPG 2677


David Dale

by John Henning
glass paste medallion, 1803
NPG 5810


Francis Horner

by John Henning
wax medallion, 1806
NPG 2678


Sarah Siddons (née Kemble)

by John Henning
enamel paste medallion, 1807
NPG 5460


Sir Alexander Gordon

by John Henning
paste medallion, 1809
NPG 1801


Dugald Stewart

by John Henning
pencil and chalk, 1811
NPG 1428


Thomas Campbell

by John Henning
pencil, 1813
NPG 1429