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William Jay (1769-1853), Dissenting minister

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Jay began training with his father as a stonemason and worked with him on alterations to Fonthill House, but in 1785 he entered Cornelius Winter's school at Marlborough. Winter's theological training concentrated on practical evangelism, and his students were expected to preach in the surrounding villages. By the time Jay was twenty-one he had preached nearly a thousand times. In 1791, Jay was ordained pastor of Argyle Independent Chapel at Bath; he remained there for sixty-two years. He was popular and one of the most fashionable preachers of his day. He attracted hearers of every religious denomination and of every rank, and he gained a reputation as a brilliant pulpit orator and an earnest religious author.

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William Jay

by Unknown artist
oil on canvas, 1800s
NPG 4892


William Jay

by Miss S.E. Covell
wax medallion, 1812
NPG 1793


William Jay

by Thomas Overton, published by and after T. Langdon
stipple engraving, published 1 April 1817
NPG D36487


William Jay

by William Day Sr, published by Rowney & Forster, after William Henry Hutchisson
lithograph, circa 1819-1824
NPG D36488


William Jay

by Unknown artist
mezzotint, mid 19th century
NPG D36489