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Ramsay MacDonald (1866-1937), Prime Minister

(James) Ramsay MacDonald

Sitter in 63 portraits
With Keir Hardie, Macdonald created the Labour Representation Committee in 1900 and, in a pact with the Liberals, was among the first Labour MPs to be elected in 1906. He was Leader of the Parliamentary Labour Party 1911-14 and 1922-31. A moderate, Macdonald persuaded his party to reject communism in 1920. He became Britain's first Labour Prime Minister and Foreign Secretary in 1924. When the Depression brought Macdonald's second term of office to an end in 1931, he became premier of a National Government, but was expelled from the Labour Party. Accused by many of 'falling into the aristocratic embrace', he nevertheless saw Labour overtake the Liberals to become the alternative party of government.

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Ramsay MacDonald

by Solomon Joseph Solomon
oil on canvas, 1911
NPG 3890


Ramsay MacDonald

by Winifred Cécile Dongworth
watercolour on ivory, 1920-1930
NPG 5029


Ramsay MacDonald

by Lilian Mary Mayer
watercolour on ivory, 1924
NPG 2066


Ramsay MacDonald

by Sir David Low
pencil, 1926 or before
NPG 4529(222)


Ramsay MacDonald with members of his family

by Margaret MacGregor ('Peggy') Angus
oil on plywood, 1930s
NPG 6102


Ramsay MacDonald

by Sir John Lavery
oil on canvas, 1931
On display in Room 31 at the National Portrait Gallery
NPG 2959


Ramsay MacDonald

by Sir Henry Maximilian ('Max') Beerbohm
chalk, 1931
NPG 4665


Ramsay MacDonald

by Sir Jacob Epstein
bronze bust, 1934
NPG 2934


'Like Father: Like Son (XIV)' (Malcolm John MacDonald; Ramsay MacDonald)

by Anthony Wysard
pencil and gouache, published in 'The Tatler' April 1936
NPG 6123


Ramsay MacDonald

by Sir (John) Benjamin Stone
platinum print, July 1907
NPG x31583


Ramsay MacDonald

by Lady Ottoline Morrell
vintage snapshot print, 1914
NPG Ax140482


Ramsay MacDonald

by George Charles Beresford
sepia-toned platinotype, December 1919
NPG x14388


Ramsay MacDonald

by (Mary) Olive Edis (Mrs Galsworthy)
platinum print, 1920s
NPG x14389


Ramsay MacDonald

by George Charles Beresford
dry-plate glass negative, 1920
NPG x6542


Ramsay MacDonald

by Claude Harris
vintage bromide print, 1920s
NPG x9084


Ramsay MacDonald

by Bassano Ltd
bromide print, 1923
NPG x83712


Ramsay MacDonald

by Bassano Ltd
bromide print, 1923
NPG x83816


Ramsay MacDonald

by Bassano Ltd
bromide print, 1923
NPG x83817