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Robert Owen (1771-1858), Pioneer of practical socialism

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A pioneer of practical socialism, he was first manager and then proprietor of the New Lanark mills near Glasgow. He built up the business and spent the remainder of his long life putting into effect his ideas on improved working conditions, housing and education, and promoting Utopian ventures. Owen believed that man's character was formed by his environment, as proposed in his New View of Society, 1813.

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Robert Owen

by Auguste Hervieu
watercolour, 1829
NPG 2507


Robert Owen

by William Henry Brooke
oil on canvas, 1834
NPG 943


Robert Owen

by Ebenezer Morley
watercolour, 1834
NPG 4521


Robert Owen

by Unknown artist
chalk, 1851
NPG 328


Robert Owen

by Julian Leverotti, after a life-mask by James Deville
bronze medallion, 1858
NPG 602


Comus and the Lady

by John ('HB') Doyle, printed by Alfred Ducôte, published by Thomas McLean
lithograph, published 9 April 1840
NPG D41566


Robert Owen

by Henry Thomas Ryall, after William Henry Brooke
stipple engraving, (1834)
NPG D39481