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Dame Christabel Pankhurst (1880-1958), Militant suffragette; daughter of Emmeline Pankhurst

Sitter in 15 portraits
A leading Suffragette, Christabel Pankhurst was the driving force behind the Women's Social and Political Union, which was founded by her mother, Emmeline, in 1903 in order to lobby for female suffrage. She originally trained as a lawyer at Manchester University, but, as a woman, was unable to practice as a barrister and so used her legal knowledge to highlight inequality in speeches and pamphlets. A persuasive speaker and effective strategist, she organised spectacular rallies and processions. The WSPU became increasingly militant, largely under her bold influence, and from 1905 she orchestrated a campaign of civil disobedience that escalated to include arson and bombing.

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Dame Christabel Pankhurst

by Richard George Mathews
charcoal and chalk, 1908
NPG 6904


Dame Christabel Pankhurst

by Ethel Wright
oil on canvas, exhibited 1909
On display in Room 30 at the National Portrait Gallery
NPG 6921


Dame Christabel Pankhurst

by Unknown photographer
bromide print, mid 1900s
NPG x26018


Dame Christabel Pankhurst

by Lambert Weston & Son
bromide postcard print, circa 1905
NPG x32605


Suffragette committee meeting

for Daily Mirror
bromide press print, 1906
NPG x139878


Emmeline Pethick-Lawrence; Dame Christabel Pankhurst

by Unknown photographer
postcard print, 21 June 1908
NPG x45194


Dame Christabel Pankhurst

by Lallie Charles (née Charlotte Elizabeth Martin), published by Rotary Photographic Co Ltd
postcard print, 1908
NPG x135535


Dame Christabel Pankhurst

by Kate Simmons
bromide postcard print, 1910
NPG x46490


Suffragette March in Hyde Park

by Mrs Albert Broom (Christina Livingston)
cream-toned velox print, 23 July 1910
NPG x17396


Dame Christabel Pankhurst

by Record Press
bromide press print, September 1913
NPG x32608


Dame Christabel Pankhurst

by (Mary) Olive Edis (Mrs Galsworthy)
whole-plate autochrome, 1925-1935
NPG x7200


Dame Christabel Pankhurst

by (Mary) Olive Edis (Mrs Galsworthy)
platinum print on photographer's card mount, 1925-1935
NPG x6196