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Adelina Patti (1843-1919), Singer; sister of Carlotta Patti

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Celebrated soprano; the daughter of two Italian singers, she first sang at a concert in 1850, and made her operatic debut as Lucia, 1859. Thereafter she became an international opera star and enjoyed unparalleled popularity in a wide variety of roles, being admired both for her resonant singing voice and her dramatic talent. A particular favourite in Britain, she retired to a house in Wales.

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Adelina Patti

by James Sant
oil on canvas, exhibited 1886
NPG 3625


Adelina Patti

by Nelson & Marshall, published by Richard Burton & Co
albumen carte-de-visite, circa 1859
NPG x12685


Adelina Patti

after Mayer & Pierson
albumen carte-de-visite, 1860s
NPG x12686


Unidentified woman formerly called Adelina Patti

by Gush & Ferguson
albumen carte-de-visite, 1860s
NPG x45336


Adelina Patti

after Camille Silvy
albumen carte-de-visite, (July 1861)
NPG x12678


Adelina Patti

by Camille Silvy
albumen carte-de-visite, July 1861
NPG x12679


Adelina Patti as Lucia in 'Lucia de Lammermoor'

by Camille Silvy
albumen carte-de-visite, July 1861
NPG x12677


Adelina Patti as Martha in 'Martha'

by Camille Silvy
albumen carte-de-visite, July 1861
NPG x12680


Adelina Patti as Amina in 'La Somnambule'

by Camille Silvy
albumen carte-de-visite, 1 August 1861
NPG x126798


Adelina Patti

by Horatio Nelson King
albumen carte-de-visite, 1862
NPG Ax25074


Adelina Patti

by Mayall
albumen carte-de-visite, circa 1862
NPG x197142


Adelina Patti

by Charles Reutlinger
hand-coloured albumen carte-de-visite, mid 1860s
NPG x12684


Adelina Patti as Leonora in 'Le Trouvère'

by Camille Silvy
albumen carte-de-visite, circa 1863
NPG x21724


Adelina Patti

by Southwell Brothers
embossed diamond cameo albumen carte-de-visite, mid-late 1860s
NPG x197543


'Operatic Prima Donnas'

by Ashford Brothers & Co, after Henry Hering, and Mayer Brothers, and Richard Burton & Co, and Disdéri, and Camille Silvy, and probably William Edward Kilburn, and Southwell Brothers, and John Burton, and Clarkington & Co (Charles Clarkington), a
albumen carte-de-visite, mid 1860s
NPG x197566


Adelina Patti

by United Association of Photography Limited
wothlytype carte-de-visite, circa 1865
NPG Ax39837


Adelina Patti

by Unknown photographer
woodburytype, 1870s
NPG Ax25073