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Prince Rupert, Count Palatinate (1619-1682), Soldier and patron of science; Son of Frederick V, Elector Palatine and King of Bohemia and Elizabeth of Bohemia

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The third son of Frederick V and Elizabeth, the exiled King and Queen of Bohemia, Rupert was a nephew of Charles I. He was made an honorary Founder Fellow of the Royal Society in 1664. He submitted a wide range of research including a water pump, navigational instruments, gunpowder, an early machine gun and a perspective aid for artists. He proved to be one of the most skillful and inspiring Royalist commanders in the Civil War. Having survived being shot in the head in 1647, Rupert conducted surgical experiments on his wound and presented papers to the Society. He was also the earliest practitioner of mezzotint engraving in England and demonstrated the technique in 1661.

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Head of Executioner

after Prince Rupert, Count Palatinate
mezzotint, 18th century
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