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Hamo Thornycroft (1850-1925), Sculptor; son of Thomas Thornycroft and Mary Thornycroft

Sir (William) Hamo Thornycroft

Sitter in 16 portraits
Artist of 4 portraits
Sir (William) Hamo Thornycroft trained in his father's studio and in 1869 entered the Royal Academy Schools, where he benefited from the teaching of Lord Leighton. In 1872 he travelled via France to Italy. In Paris he was impressed by the work of such nineteenth-century sculptors as Jean-Baptiste Carpeaux, Francois Rude and Paul Dubois, and in Italy he particularly admired the work of the early Renaissance masters Ghiberti, Donatello and Verrocchio.

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Sir Arthur Thomas Cotton

by Sir (William) Hamo Thornycroft
marble bust, 1880
On display in Room 23 at the National Portrait Gallery
NPG 6420


Benjamin Disraeli, Earl of Beaconsfield

by Sir (William) Hamo Thornycroft
plaster cast of statuette, 1881
NPG 4671


Thomas Hardy

by Sir (William) Hamo Thornycroft
bronze head, 1917
On display in Room 29 at the National Portrait Gallery
NPG 2156


Sir John Isaac Thornycroft

by Sir (William) Hamo Thornycroft
marble bust, 1918
NPG 5876