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Edward John Trelawny (1792-1881), Writer and adventurer

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Entered the Royal Navy aged thirteen and circumnavigated the globe. He deserted and joined a band of pirates, with whom he sailed around the Indian Ocean. Having returned to England, in 1822 he travelled to Pisa, where he met Shelley and Byron. Trelawny and Shelley were close friends when Shelley drowned, and Trelawny was one of the witnesses at his cremation, even snatching Shelly's heart from the fire. With Byron he took part in the Greek War of Independence, and was briefly married to the sister of one of the insurgent chiefs. He published his semi-fictional autobiography, Adventures of a Younger Son in 1831 and Recollections of the Last Days of Shelley and Byron in 1858.

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Edward John Trelawny

by Sir Edwin Henry Landseer
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Edward John Trelawny

by Joseph Severn
pen and ink, 1838
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Edward John Trelawny

by Seymour Stokes Kirkup
lithograph, mid 19th century
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Edward John Trelawny

by Unknown photographer
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