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Edward Vernon (1684-1757), Admiral

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He led the capture of the Spanish colonial possession of Porto Bello (now in Panama) during the War of Jenkins' Ear in 1739. Vernon's greatest claim to fame, was his 1740 order that his crew's rum rations should be diluted with water and have lemon juice added to prevent scurvy. The rest of the Navy rapidly followed, calling the new drink 'grog' after Vernon's nickname.

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Edward Vernon

after Unknown artist
mezzotint, circa 1739-1745
NPG D39233


Edward Vernon

by John Faber Jr, after Thomas Bardwell
mezzotint, (1740)
NPG D3025


Edward Vernon

by Arthur N. Sanders, after Thomas Gainsborough
mezzotint, 1860s-1890s (circa 1753)
NPG D4602