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David Bailey (1938-), Photographer and film-maker

Sitter in 18 portraits
Artist of 31 portraits
Graduating from being an assistant with fashion photographer John French in 1959, Bailey began the 1960s with a contract with Vogue to become the decade's iconic chronicler with two defining portrait publications David Bailey's box of pin-ups (1965) and Goodbye Baby and Amen (1969). They focussed on a new social order that evolved from the decade of change. Bailey was a leading figure in the Swinging Sixties London scene and provided some of the inspiration for the role of the photographer, played by David Hemmings, in Antonioni's cult film Blow Up (1966.) Bailey had his first Museum exhibition at the National Portrait Gallery in 1971.

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David Bailey

by John Swannell
Iris print, 1970
NPG P717(1)


Six photographers with their favourite models

by Terence Daniel Donovan
modern bromide print, 1960s
NPG x135756


David Bailey; Jean Shrimpton

by Peter Rand
bromide print, 1962
NPG x136000


David Bailey

by Terry O'Neill
bromide fibre print, 1965
NPG x125464


David Bailey

by Cecil Beaton
bromide print on white card mount, 1965
NPG x14019


David Bailey

by Thomas Patrick John Anson, 5th Earl of Lichfield
archival inkjet print, April 1969
NPG x128480


John Swannell; David Bailey

by John Swannell
archival digital print, 1971
NPG x134776


David Bailey; Cecil Beaton

by Unknown photographer
bromide press print, 1971
NPG x14055


David Bailey

by Roger George Clark
bromide print, 1 May 1979
NPG x15080


David Bailey; Patrick Lichfield; Terence Donovan

by John Swannell
bromide fibre print, circa 1980
NPG x25285


David Bailey

by John Swannell
bromide print on card mount, 1981
NPG x35962


David Bailey

by Steve Pyke
bromide print, 1984
NPG x29994


David Bailey; Catherine Bailey

by Lord Snowdon
gelatin silver print, 28 October 1986
NPG P1849


David Bailey

by Lord Snowdon
gelatin silver print, January 1989
NPG P1848


Cecil Beaton; David Bailey

by Unknown photographer
bromide press print, 1971
NPG x182363