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Angelica Vanessa Garnett (née Bell) (1918-2012), Writer and artist; wife of David Garnett; daughter of Vanessa Bell and Duncan Grant

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Angelica Garnett's father was Duncan Grant, her mother's lover. Clive Bell, her mother's husband, was supportive of the love affair and allowed Angelica to bear his name and regard him as her father. Garnett was told about her true parentage at nineteen. She became an actress and artist, collaborating with Vanessa Bell and Grant on the murals for Berwick Church. To her parents' horror, she married David Garnett, her father's former lover, in 1942, but they later separated. Her memoir, Deceived with Kindness, focuses on her relationship with her biological parents and was awarded the J.R. Ackerley Prize for Autobiography in 1985.

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Angelica Vanessa Garnett (née Bell)

by Sir Matthew Arnold Bracy Smith
oil on canvas, circa 1957
NPG 6951


Angelica Vanessa Garnett (née Bell)

by Jane Bown
bromide print on card mount, 1979
NPG x28620