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Frederick Sanger (1918-2013), Biochemist

Sitter in 6 portraits
Molecular Biochemist. In 1955, Sanger determined the structure of insulin, for which he was awarded the Nobel Prize for Chemistry in 1958. His work enabled chemists to make insulin artificially and to develop research in protein structure. In 1980 Sanger was awarded the Nobel Prize a second time, (with Walter Gilbert and Paul Berg) for determining the base sequences of nucleic acids, including DNA. He became a Companion of Honour in 1981 and a member of the Order of Merit in 1986.

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Frederick Sanger

by Liam Woon
cibachrome print, 1990
NPG P448


Frederick Sanger

by Paula A. MacArthur
oil on canvas, 1991
NPG 6151


Frederick Sanger

by Anita Corbin and John O'Grady
C-type colour print, 1989
NPG x133056


Frederick Sanger

by Carolyn Djanogly
bromide print, 28 June 1999
NPG x88799


Frederick Sanger

by Daily Express
bromide print
NPG x22353


Frederick Sanger

by Godfrey Argent
bromide print, 1 December 1969
NPG x166038