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Adam Faith (1940-2003), Singer and actor

Sitter in 11 portraits
Born Terence Nelhams, Adam Faith rose to fame when he joined the cast of the musical Drumbeat in 1959. A string of chart successes followed over the next few years. Faith's handful of early film appearances generally enhanced his musical image, most notably Beat Girl (1961). He turned increasingly to acting on the stage during this period, and by the 1970s had moved on to a career in business, with a successful finance company and a directorship of the Savoy Hotel. He returned to repertory theatre work in the 1970s and created the title role of the series Budgie, which he later brought to the stage. Faith also resumed his film career, most notably in the 1975 film Stardust.

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Adam Faith

by Lewis Morley
bromide print, 1960s
NPG P512(9)


Adam Faith

by Tom Blau
modern C-type print from original transparency, 1960
NPG x131951


Adam Faith

by Tom Blau
modern bromide print from original negative, 1960
NPG x133000


Adam Faith

by Rex Coleman, for Baron Studios
5 x 4 inch film negative, 7 November 1961
NPG x125752


Adam Faith

by Daniel Farson
vintage bromide print, 1962
NPG x135678


Adam Faith

by Daniel Farson
vintage bromide print, 1962
NPG x135679


Adam Faith

by Bob Collins
bromide print, 1964
NPG x136332


Adam Faith

by Ian Wright
bromide print, 11 March 1965
NPG x132240


Jackie Faith (née Irving); Adam Faith

by Keystone Press Agency Ltd
bromide press print, 19 August 1967
On display in Room 31 at the National Portrait Gallery
NPG x194362


Adam Faith

by Max Adelman
archival digital print, 1986
NPG x132265