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Juliet Pannett (1911-2005)

Artist of 21 portraits
Pannett started painting at the age of three, and by seventeen knew she wanted to be a professional portraitist. Her career began in the 1940s with commissions from the Illustrated London News and other newspapers. As artist for the Illustrated London News from 1957 to 1964, she had her own seat in the press gallery of the House of Commons, from which she made a sketch of Sir Winston Churchill leaving for the last time. Pannett painted nine prime ministers, including Harold Wilson, James Callaghan, Edward Heath and Margaret Thatcher. She also portrayed more than a thousand soldiers, intellectuals, politicians, musicians, fellow artists and ordinary British people.

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Denis Matthews

by Juliet Pannett
oil on paper board, 1950s?
NPG 6038


Sir Arthur Keith

by Juliet Pannett
chalk, 1954
NPG 3986


Alan Rawsthorne

by Juliet Pannett
chalk, circa 1957-1958
NPG 5761


Gordon Jacob

by Juliet Pannett
chalk, 1960s?
NPG 5760


Marie Rambert

by Juliet Pannett
chalk, 1960s?
NPG 6039


Winston Churchill

by Juliet Pannett
pencil, 1964
NPG 4474


Sir Fred Hoyle

by Juliet Pannett
chalk, 1972
NPG 6036