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Thomas Sims (active 1860s)

Artist of 2 portraits
An early photographer working with the daguerreotype process. In 1847 he began experimenting with Talbot's calotype process. He exhibited examples of his work at the first British photographic exhibition organised by the Society of Arts in London in 1852, and moved to London the following year where he opened two photographic studios. Shortly afterwards he became involved in a legal dispute. Refusing to pay Talbot for a license, an injunction was served forcing him to close his studios. After the Talbot v. Laroche case against Talbot, Sims re-opened his studio and remained in business until 1868. He then moved to Tunbridge Wells where he remained as a professional photographer until his death in 1910.

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Alfred Russel Wallace

by Thomas Sims
oil over photograph, (circa 1863-1866)
NPG 1765


Alfred Russel Wallace

by Thomas Sims
albumen print, 1889
NPG x5113