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John Deakin (1912-1972), Photographer

Sitter in 10 portraits
Artist associated with 11 portraits
Wirral-born photographer Deakin is best-known for his uncompromisingly honest portraits of the bohemian Soho set of the 1950s, and particularly for the photographs taken for Francis Bacon, on which some of the artist's major works were based. Deakin wished to be a painter, although he earned a living as a staff photographer for Vogue during the 1940s and 1950s. His photographic career has been celebrated by the Victoria and Albert Museum exhibition John Deakin: The Salvage of a Photographer (1984-85), by the National Portrait Gallery John Deakin Photographs (1996), and most recently at The Photographers Gallery, London in Under the Influence: John Deakin and the Lure of Soho (2014).

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Colin MacInnes

by John Deakin
bromide print, 1950s
NPG P297


George Granville Barker

by John Deakin
bromide print, circa 1952
NPG P298


Sir Eduardo Luigi Paolozzi

by John Deakin
bromide print, 1952
NPG P296


John Deakin

by John Deakin, assisted by Patrick Matthews, or assisted by Tom Hawkyard
vintage bromide print, 14 November 1952
NPG P1975


Paul Hugh Howard Potts

by John Deakin
glossy bromide contact sheet, 1950s
NPG x33936


Stephen Ward

by John Deakin, copied by Keystone Press Agency Ltd
bromide press print, 22 July 1963
NPG x199085


Roger Mayne

by John Deakin
vintage bromide print, 1957
NPG P994


Robert Joseph Flaherty

by John Deakin
photogravure reproduction tear sheet, published 13 July 1949
NPG x193359


Alexander MacKendrick

by John Deakin
bromide print, circa 1954
NPG x26056


Kingsley Amis

by John Deakin
bromide print, 1955
NPG x68300