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Feliks Topolski (1907-1989), Artist

Sitter in 15 portraits
Artist of 12 portraits
Artist and stage designer. Born in Poland, Topolski studied at the Warsaw Academy of Art (1927-32) before moving to London in 1935. His graphic style made his work well suited to use as illustrations, and during the Second World War his reputation in Britain as a gifted draughtsman saw him appointed as an official war artist. Topolski painted a mural for the Festival of Britain in 1951. His paintings include The Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II and twenty portraits of literary figures (1961-2). In 1975 he began his vast panorama Memoir of the Century, a mural under the arches of Hungerford Bridge, London, where he had his postwar studio.

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H.G. Wells

by Feliks Topolski
oil on canvas, 1943
NPG 6324


Graham Greene

by Feliks Topolski
pencil, circa 1950-1955
NPG 5864


Harold Macmillan, 1st Earl of Stockton

by Feliks Topolski
ink and wash, 1950-1955
NPG 6329


Aneurin Bevan

by Feliks Topolski
charcoal, circa 1954
NPG 6325


E. M. Forster

by Feliks Topolski
pen and ink, circa 1960
NPG 6326


Gilbert Harding

by Feliks Topolski
pencil, circa 1960
NPG 6328


Evelyn Waugh

by Feliks Topolski
pencil, circa 1960
NPG 6330


Sir Arnold Wesker

by Feliks Topolski
charcoal, 1961
NPG 5863


George Alfred Brown, Baron George-Brown

by Feliks Topolski
charcoal and crayon, 1963
NPG 6327


Pandit Ram Gopal

by Feliks Topolski
watercolour, gouache and silkscreen on paper, circa 1972
NPG 6812


Willis Jackson, Baron Jackson of Burnley

by Feliks Topolski
photographic print of a lithograph, late 1960s
NPG D42722


Feliks Topolski

by Feliks Topolski
silkscreen print, 1988 or before
NPG D7219