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Juliet Van Otteren, Photographer

Artist of 3 portraits
Juliet Van Otteren lived for a number of years in the Middle East and the Himalayas, where she first explored portrait photography. During the 1980s she lived and worked in Manhattan. She moved to England in 1989 and spent the next ten years working in England and France, after which time she returned to the US. Van Otteren was the first photographer to be granted an artist's working visa to the UK. Her work has been widely exhibited and is collected in museums around the world. Her first book, Heart of the Horse, was published in 2004.

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Stephen William Hawking

by Juliet Van Otteren
bromide print, 1991
NPG P489


Kathleen Raine

by Juliet Van Otteren
bromide fibre print, 1988
NPG x32776


Horace Dobbs

by Juliet Van Otteren
bromide fibre print, 1991
NPG x126123