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Edgar Evans (1876-1912), Polar explorer; member of British Antarctic Expedition, 1910-1913

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Strongly built, practical and cheerful, Petty Officer Evans was a natural choice to join Captain Scott on the 1660-mile return trek to the Pole. Following the disappointment of their arrival and suffering from malnutrition, a deep cut to the hand and severe frostbite, he collapsed on 17 February. He died later that day from a suspected brain haemorrhage. Shortly before the final push for the Pole, Scott wrote affectionately: 'Edgar Evans has proved a useful member of our party; he looks after our sledges and sledge equipment with a care of management and a fertility of resource which is truly astonishing - on 'trek' he is just as sound and hard as ever and has an inexhaustible store of anecdote.'

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Edgar Evans

by Herbert George Ponting
gelatin silver print, 1911
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