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Margret Marks (1899-1990)

Artist of 3 portraits
Born in Cologne, Germany, she studied at Dusseldorf and the Bauhaus under Itten & Gerhard Marcks. In 1923 she founded the Hael Pottery at Marvitz with her husband Gustav Loebenstein. As director and designer she enjoyed artistic and commercial success, exporting to Heal's and Liberty in England, and around the world. In 1933 when Jews were forbidden to run factories, the business was forcibly closed and sold to a Nazi Functionary, Heinrich Schild. She emigrated to England in 1936, lecturing in Stoke on Trent and working as a designer. Her logo was GP ('Grete Pottery'). She painted in watercolours and oils and exhibited nationwide and internationally. Examples of her pottery are held in the V&A, London.

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Sir Barnett Stross

by Margret Marks
lithograph, circa 1935
NPG D40163


Selig Perlman

by Margret Marks
lithograph, circa 1936
NPG D40164


Leff Pouishnoff

by Margret Marks
lithograph, circa 1942
NPG D40165