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Collage of 101 figures

compiled by Cecilia Mary Jocelyn (née Elliot), after Disdéri, after John Jabez Edwin Mayall, after Camille Silvy, and after Unknown photographers
albumen print collage, 1860s
NPG Ax129160


'Popular Actresses'

by Ashford Brothers & Co, after Alexander Bassano, and Clarkington & Co (Charles Clarkington), and Joseph Richard James, and Horatio Nelson King, and Camille Silvy, and possibly Leonida Caldesi, and Adolphe Paul Auguste Beau, and Thomas Cranfield,
albumen carte-de-visite, 1860s
NPG x137000


Album introductory carte-de-visite with members of the Royal Family

by Ashford Brothers & Co, after John Jabez Edwin Mayall, and Ghemar Frères, and (Octavius) Charles Watkins, and Émile Desmaisons, and Unknown photographers
albumen carte-de-visite, circa 1862
NPG x197214


'Ladies of the London Stage'

after Lock & Whitfield, and Unknown photographers
woodburytype, published 1875
NPG x135885


'Four Generations'

published by Rotary Photographic Co Ltd, after Lafayette (Lafayette Ltd), and William Slade Stuart, and Unknown photographers
postcard print, published 1910s
NPG x136653


'Operatic Prima Donnas'

by Ashford Brothers & Co, after Henry Hering, and Mayer Brothers, and Richard Burton & Co, and Disdéri, and Camille Silvy, and probably William Edward Kilburn, and Southwell Brothers, and John Burton, and Clarkington & Co (Charles Clarkington), a
albumen carte-de-visite, mid 1860s
NPG x197566


Olive Booth; Dora Booth

by Unknown photographers
halftone reproduction on vintage postcard mount, 1910s?
NPG x197593