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Paul O'Grady (1955-), Comedian

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Born in 1955. Paul O'Grady's creation, Lily Savage, became one of television's most popular stars, part of the long tradition of cross-dressing in comedy. The loud-mouthed, Birkenhead drag queen began presenting the long-running Blankety-Blank series in 1998, the year in which she was also awarded her own television series, The Lily Savage Show. Paul O'Grady, comedian and presenter on television and radio, no longer performs as Savage.

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Paul O'Grady as Lily Savage

by Trevor Leighton
bromide print, 1999
NPG x88382


Paul O'Grady

by Trevor Ray Hart
C-type colour print, 11 July 2000
NPG x126060


Paul O'Grady

by Polly Borland
colour print, 5 October 1995
NPG x87280


Paul O'Grady as Lily Savage

by Paul Massey
C-type colour print, 2003
NPG x135364