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Katherine Mansfield (1888-1923), Writer

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Born Kathleen Beauchamp in New Zealand, Katherine Mansfield was sent to school at Queen's College in London in 1903-6 and returned to settle in Britain in 1908. Following publication of her short stories in a New Zealand magazine, The Native Companion, her work appeared in New Age and in Rhythm,, the means of her introduction to John Middleton Murry with whom she was to spend the majority of her life and whom she married in 1918. Among her best known stories are In a German Pension (1911), Prelude (1918), Bliss (1920) and The Garden Party. (1922). She died of tuberculosis at the age of 34.

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Katherine Mansfield

by John Herbert Folker
matte bromide postcard print, 1917
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Katherine Mansfield

by Adelphi Studios Ltd, copied by Emery Walker Ltd
half-plate glass copy negative, 1913
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Katherine Mansfield

by Lady Ottoline Morrell
vintage snapshot print, 1916-1917
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