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Markéta Luskacová (1944-)

Artist of 5 portraits
Born in Prague in 1944, Luskacová emigrated to Britain in 1975. A member of the Magnum Agency in Paris (1976-80), she has won many awards in Britain for her photographs including from the Arts Council of Great Britain in 1975 and 1976 as well as first prize for the Greater London Council Photography Prize in 1985. Publications include Pilgrims (1983, with text by John Berger) as well as photo-essays on Street Markets in London, Battered Women and Street Musicians.

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Joanna Marie Drew

by Markéta Luskacová
modern bromide print, 1987
NPG P1069


David Widgery

by Markéta Luskacová
bromide print, 1991
NPG P1071


John Lessore

by Markéta Luskacová
bromide print, December 1996
NPG P848


Margaret Eve Hodge

by Markéta Luskacová
bromide print, 1988
NPG x127354