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Olga, Queen of Greece (1851-1926), Consort of George I, King of Greece; daughter of Constantine, Grand Duke of Russia

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Born in Russia, the niece of Czar Alexander II, Grand Duchess Olga Konstantinova married King George of Greece in 1876. With their large family, the royal couple spent a great deal of time outside of Athens at Tatoi. There the family enjoyed a great many pastimes, including roller-skating and indoor cycling. Their fourth son, Prince Andrew was to become the father of Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh.

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Olga, Queen of Greece

by Charles Bergamasco
albumen carte-de-visite, 1865 or after
NPG Ax39873


Olga, Queen of Greece

by Unknown photographer
bromide postcard print, 1900-1913
NPG x74423


Olga, Queen of Greece

by Vandyk
12 x 10 inch glass plate negative, 5 September 1922
NPG x129758


Olga, Queen of Greece

by Unknown photographer
postcard print
NPG x74421