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Lady Florence Caroline Dixie (née Douglas) (1855-1905), Wife of John McLean Griffin; daughter of 7th Earl de la Warr

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After marrying, Florence combined her love of sport, travel and writing in a journey to Patagonia from 1878-9 where she hunted big game, publishing Across Patagonia in 1880. In 1879 she was the war correspondent for the Morning Post, covering the Zulu war in Southern Africa. She had strong views on African politics, publishing In the Land of Misfortune in 1882. In Britain she was a keen writer of letters to newspapers on a range of liberal issues. She had forthright views on women, proposing equality of the sexes in marriage and divorce. In the 1890s, in a distinct turn-around, she condemned as cruel the blood sports she had once so greatly enjoyed, in The Horrors of Sport (1891).

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Lady Florence Caroline Dixie (née Douglas) ('Ladies. No. 6.')

by Théobald Chartran ('T')
chromolithograph, published in Vanity Fair 5 January 1884
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