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Edward Weston (1886-1958)

Artist of 1 portrait
One of the best-known American photographers, Weston was already an enthusiastic photographer by the time he was sixteen. He studied photography at the Illinois College of Photography and opened a portrait studio in Tropico, California, in 1911. Weston moved to Mexico and ran a studio in Mexico City for two years, later travelling around the country. He returned to the US and opened a photographic studio in Carmel, California. Together with Andsel Adams and Willard van Dyke, Weston founded the f:64 group in 1932. Weston became famous for working in a soft-focus, pictorial style, winning many salons and professional awards. He gained an international reputation for his portraits and modern dance studies.

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D.H. Lawrence

by Edward Weston
vintage chlorobromide print, 1924
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