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E. Gilbert Dalziel (1853-1930), Wood engraver, artist and editor; son of Edward Dalziel

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The Brothers Dalziel remained a dominant force in the industry until mounting debts and the rise of photomechanical processes for reproduction forced the wood-engraving business to close in 1893. However, Edward Dalziel's sons, in particular, ensured the family business continued for at least a second generation. Gilbert Dalziel worked on the family's comic papers as editor of Fun, Judy and Ally Sloper's Half Holiday. He also preserved the family's future reputation with the sale of the firm's entire working archive of about 54,000 impressions to the British Museum in 1912, and through his contributions to Forrest Reid's book 'Illustrators of the 1860s' (1928).

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Members of the Dalziel family

by Kosmos
albumen cabinet card, 1880s
NPG x132805


E. Gilbert Dalziel

by Unknown photographer
albumen carte-de-visite, 1880s
NPG x132807


E. Gilbert Dalziel

by Unknown photographer
albumen print on card mount, 1880s
NPG x132808


E. Gilbert Dalziel

by William Griffith Honey
ferrotype (tintype), 1880s
NPG x132852


E. Gilbert Dalziel

by Unknown photographer
albumen cabinet card, late 1880s
NPG x126423


E. Gilbert Dalziel

by Mayall & Co
albumen print, 1900s
NPG x134941