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Josiah Keeling (active 1679-1691), Conspirator

Sitter in 3 portraits
Keeling was a Baptist who joined the Rye House Plot in the hope that it would bring about an end to the persecution of religious dissenters. He turned informer, ostensibly overcome by the sin of the conspiracy, but also mindful of the rewards that would follow. In the subsequent arrests, many of the plotters turned king's evidence and implicated an increasing number of alleged conspirators. Keeling was granted £500 and a government job but lost his position after the fall of King James II in 1688.

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Josiah Keeling

by Robert White
line engraving, late 17th century
NPG D30678


Josiah Keeling

after Robert White
mezzotint, 1683 or after
NPG D21436


Josiah Keeling

after Robert White, published by William Richardson
line engraving, published 1795
NPG D30677