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Anthonis Mor (Antonio Moro) (1516-1575 or 1576), Portrait painter

Sitter in 4 portraits
Artist associated with 17 portraits
Antonis Mor began his career as apprentice to Jan van Scorel in Utrecht; by 1540 he was Van Scorel's assistant. After visiting Italy, Mor had joined Antwerp's Guild of Saint Luke by 1547. Two years later, he was painter to Emperor Charles V's minister. For twenty years Mor travelled among the Habsburg courts of Augsburg, Lisbon, London, Madrid and Rome painting portraits that became a virtual hall of fame of the era's rulers. He became King Philip II's painter in 1554, probably thanks to the success of his portrait of Philip's wife. However, Philip's support of the Inquisition prompted Mor's escape from Spain. He did, however, continue to work for Philip in Utrecht, Brussels, and Antwerp.

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Anthonis Mor (Antonio Moro)

by Edme de Boulonois
line engraving, possibly late 17th century
NPG D24979


Anthonis Mor (Antonio Moro)

by Thomas Chambers (Chambars)
line engraving, possibly mid to late 18th century
NPG D24983


Anthonis Mor (Antonio Moro)

by H. Vaughan
line engraving, possibly late 18th century
NPG D24984


Anthonis Mor (Antonio Moro)

by Thomas Chambers (Chambars)
line engraving, circa 1750-1775
NPG D15198