Later Victorian Portraits Catalogue

Alfred William Rich (1856-1922), Watercolour painter

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Oil on canvas by William Orpen; see NPG 2556.

exh. 1910
Oil on canvas by William Orpen, The Sketcher (Portrait of Alfred Rich), half-length to left, with sketchpad, in a landscape; The Market G., Toronto, A75-164. Exh. NEAC 1910; repr. Walker’s Quarterly, no.9, Oct. 1922, frontispiece.
This is the prime portrait for Rich.

Pen and ink caricature drawing on pink letter-headed paper by William Orpen, whole-length, seated to right, with Orpen on his knee; BM, London, 1921,1114.47.

Pen and ink caricature drawing on letter-headed paper by William Orpen, in album of studies and portraits; BM, London, 1921,1114.27-45.

Pencil and watercolour drawing by William Orpen, The Model, whole-length, seated to left sketching a nude; Tate, N03530.

Oil on canvas by William Orpen, The Café Royal, half-length, profile to left, seated between James Pryde and the standing waiter; M. d’Orsay, Paris, RF 1977-278. [1] Repr. Arnold 1981, p.282.

Pastel drawing by Henry Tonks; see NPG 4200.

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Photograph by unidentified photographer, whole-length, profile to right, standing third from left in group; NEAC Archive, Tate, London. Repr. The Times, [no date] Nov. 1935 (cutting NPG TB [Artists and Connoisseurs 1850–1900]); McConkey 2006, p.16, fig.1; and Messum 2010, cover image (captioned ‘The Last Jury of the NEAC at the Dudley Gallery, 1904’).

1) See also Orpen’s two preparatory studies with alternative compositions: NG Ireland, Dublin; repr. Arnold 1981, p.282. A third sketch shows all the figures except Rich placed and identified by name (‘[…] John, myself and someone not settled yet’): untraced; Sotheby’s, 14 Nov. 1984 (36, ill.). In the finished painting that person becomes Alfred Rich.

Carol Blackett-Ord