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Sir Hubert von Herkomer (1849-1914), Painter and illustrator

Painter; born 26 May 1849 in Bavaria, Germany. Settled in Britain from age 9; trained Southampton and South Kensington schools of art; magazine illustrator from 1868 and RA exhibitor from 1869, making an international name with social realist subjects such as The Last Muster (1875; Lady Lever AG, Port Sunlight) and Hard Times (1885; Manchester AG); elected ARA 1879, RA 1890; Slade Professor of Art, Oxford 1885–94; developed successful career in both portraiture (17 examples in NPG collection) and teaching, at his own art school (1883–1904) in Bushey, Herts., whose students included William Nicholson and Lucy Kemp-Welch; here he also produced ‘pictorial-music-plays’, and directed and acted in several films; acquired prefix ‘von’ 1889; KCVO 1907; died 31 March, 1914, in Devon.

Herkomer’s reputation dwindled posthumously, but his subjects are now regarded as a significant strand in nineteenth-century art. He is described as a man of prodigious energies and self-regard: ‘Such a d—d mass of egotism I never met before, not even in an artist; but it disarms you and wins you by its naivety and honest audacity.’ [1] Although a generous teacher and philanthropist, he also had ‘an exceptional faculty for rousing resentments and enmities’. [2] In appearance he described himself as having had jet-black hair and black eyes, with a sallow complexion. [3]

Dr Jan Marsh

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Dr Jan Marsh