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Sir Harry Hamilton Johnston (1858-1927), Explorer and colonial administrator

Traveller, colonial administrator and artist; born 12 June 1858, in London. Studied languages at King’s College London and art at the Royal Academy Schools 1876; following a visit to Tunisia 1879–80 accompanied a hunting expedition to Angola, then travelled with Henry Morton Stanley; elected Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society 1883; led a scientific expedition to Kilimanjaro 1884–5; British vice-consul in the Niger delta and Cameroon region of West Africa; as African advisor to Prime Minister Lord Salisbury aimed to extend British interests ‘from the Cape to Cairo’ (Johnston’s phrase) in conjunction with Cecil Rhodes; commissioner for Nyasaland (Malawi) 1891–6; knighted 1896; served in Uganda 1899–1901; sought unsuccessfully to enter parliament; travelled in East Africa and the Caribbean; published books on imperial policy in Africa and some Dickensian novels; exhibited at the RA; died 31 July 1927 near Worksop. His collection of maps, papers, reports, photographs and drawings is held by the RGS, London.

‘With a figure apparently frail and almost boyish in its slightness, and a fair, gentle, sweet and almost shy expression, [he] looks the very opposite of the dauntless and inflexible explorer,’ according to one contemporary.[1] A diplomatic colleague wrote that Johnston had added 400,000 square miles to the British Empire through his ‘extraordinarily active and versatile intelligence, untiring industry and great personal energy and courage’.[2] Later assessments are less admiring, calling him ‘a social Darwinist’ and judging his contributions to natural science more notable than those to colonial politics.[3] His brother and private secretary Alex described him as ‘a many-sided man of strong will and convictions’ whose wit and vehemence often alienated others.[4]

Dr Jan Marsh

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